Department of B.Sc. (General) Bio-Science was established in 2020 with the aim to provide and imparting high quality education for students to explore new fields in emerging areas of Biological Sciences. At the Department of B.Sc. (G) Bioscience, the University offers Under Graduate Degree Courses (six semesters) in the fields of Biology. Department of B.Sc. (G) Bioscience comprises of three academic departments, namely the Department of Botany, Department of Zoology and Department of Human Physiology with highly qualified, experienced and dedicated faculty members.

Biosciences are one of the most promising areas of research and an integral part of scientific studies of life and living organisms comprising microorganisms, plants and animals including human beings in all its diverse forms and their interaction with the environment. We are committed to provide Holistic Education and all round development of young minds with a broad exposure to biological systems by inculcating various academic and co-curricular value addition activities. Our pedagogy focuses on basic and skill-based applied biological teaching and learning process assisted with well equipped modern and advanced practical laboratory facilities along-with available e-resources.

The main motto of the Department is to educate and enhance the fundamental understanding of nature of life, discovering and disseminating knowledge in the field of Biological Sciences through critical thinking and hands-on-training and provide new insights to diverse areas in Biology. The Department gives priorities to educate students about the basic and advanced areas of Biological Sciences. Our aim is to inspire and to generate an interest in the fields of Biological Sciences and to transform our students by providing an innovative learning experience by imparting knowledge via skill-based training and hands-on practical classes.

Realizing the scope and immense potential of the Biological Science which is the fastest growing discipline across the world in the 21st century, the Department emphasizes on the quality education by providing advanced laboratory facilities in the teaching curriculum that helps to build confidence in them to take up and solve the new challenges and to pursue and excel in their carrier across the global world and also for opening up new avenues of employment opportunities. The entire curriculum is designed to shape and prepare a student for future vibrant academic leaders in the field of Biosciences.

We would like to extend a warm welcome to the young minds who dream to open new windows in the field of Biological Sciences.


Dr. Debasree Lodh